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Pitroda Art

Pitroda Art is a social enterprise which promotes global contemporary art through curated collections. Our new initiative MOVEMENT: Art for Social Change will feature quarterly curated art collections that explore pressing social issues around the world.

MOVEMENT celebrates artists as champions of change; fearless in provocation; and vital to social movements. Artists have the ability to inspire people to see, think and act - that's why we seek to promote the transformative power of creative expression.

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The Founders:

Sam Pitroda

Sam Pitroda - Global Innovation Leader (India)

Sam is an internationally renowned inventor and tech guru, most notably known as the man that connected India by inventing the digital switch for the telephone. Sam’s love for the arts dates back to his childhood, where creativity was an outlet that complemented his math and science background. He is an avid international collector and has a love for abstract and geometrically inspired works. Sam has been painting for over 60 years and has created hundreds of pieces and thousands of sketches. He is currently working on his new book on 'Redesigning the World', mentoring social entrepreneurs globally and advocating for Gandhi's principles and values of inclusion, non-violence and peace.

Sonja Miokovic

Sonja Miokovic - Curator & Creator (Serbia/Canada)

Sonja is a social innovator and serial entrepreneur. Creativity fuels her endeavours and feeds her love for putting unsuspecting things together. Sonja grew up in an art gallery where she lived and breathed creativity as a child. She has curated many shows with international artists, paints, dabbles in printmaking, silversmithing and sculpture. Having travelled to over 75 countries, visiting art galleries is the way she connects with places.

Carolina Pozo

Carolina Pozo - Social Entrepreneur and Collector (Ecuador)

A lifelong art hunter who travels globally to discover and meet local artists, buy their art and engage with them to tell their stories. As a social entrepreneur she values the power of creativity for development and has led city-wide public policy and programs in her home city Quito, to promote cultural development and empower citizens working in the orange economy. In 2009 she established the non profit organization AVANTI, to design and implement innovative social impact projects to fight poverty in Ecuador.


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