MOVEMENT is an initiative that celebrates artists as champions of change; fearless in provocation; and vital to social movements. Artists have the ability to inspire people to see, think and act - and we want to elevate the transformative power of creative expression.

Each MOVEMENT Collection kicks-off with a Global Call-for-Entries, inviting artists to submit their work on a given thematic issue. A panel of expert judges curate the showcase and select the artwork that will comprise the Collection.
These Collections will be available exclusively on our online gallery and promoted internationally. The proceeds from the sales of the artwork in these Collections will be donated to the cause that it is supporting. 
But it doesn't end there. The artwork will also be exhibited as public art installations, projected on iconic buildings around the world. We want to mobilize impact, spark conversation and celebrate the arts as a vehicle for social change.

Our inaugural Collection will be dedicated to the theme of Racial Justice. We stand in solidarity with everyone fighting for a better world and in defiance of racism. The importance of elevating the narrative of #blacklivesmatter is more urgent than ever. 

Pitroda Art seeks to compile an unprecedented collection of artworks that take a critical look at racial issues - a retrospective and reflective look at the inequality that exists around us. Images that provoke thought and ultimately ‘move’ audiences around the world.

The official virtual launch will be hosted on ZOOM at 1pm EST this Saturday July 4th 2020You can join by using this link.

ABOUT MOVEMENT: Art for Social Change
Racial Justice Collection - International Art Competition

This is an open call to artists around the world to participate in ‘Movement,’ a global art showcase that celebrates the arts as a vehicle for change. We are compiling a collection that takes a critical look at racial issues - a retrospective and reflective look at inequality, injustice and racism. We are searching for powerful images that flip the script, provoke thought, and ultimately ‘move’ audiences around the world. .

Thirty pieces of art will be selected by an expert panel of jurors to be included in the show. The MOVEMENT Collection will be featured on the Pitroda Art online gallery. Fifty percent proceeds from all sales will be donated to support the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Offline the Movement Collection will also be promoted internationally and exhibited as public space art installations in cities around the world. We want to spark conversation and reflection on equity, justice and solidarity. Collectively we are stronger than individual voices.

Learn more about the open call and submit your work on this ONLINE FORM.


Racial Justice - July 2020 * submission are now open!

COVID-19 - September 2020

Belonging - November 2020

Climate Change - January 2021

Femme - March 2021


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